Event Driver Porter

at Back of House Crew Ltd
Published July 4, 2021
Location London, United Kingdom
Category Hospitality  
Job Type Freelance  


We are currently looking for enthusiastic people to join our logistical team working at some of the most prestigious venues in London. We are an employment business that works with some of the most reputable events companies (predominantly catering companies) that deliver high profile events and we are recruiting for driver porters and porters to join our team. This is a freelance (PAYE) role where jobs can come at any time so a 0 hours contract. The roles are detailed below:


  • To work as a back of house event porter 
  • Assist in unloading the van and place all equipment where instructed to by the event manager 
  • Help in setting up the kitchen 
  • Placing plates in the hot cupboards if required  
  • Placing ovens, hot cupboards, hobs etc. in place along with service tables and equipment 
  • Lay drugget on the floor (if required) to protect the floor from the temporary kitchen 
  • Set up the back of house clearing area & operate it during service; 
  • Placing bin bags in bins and placing bins, dust pans and brush, broken glass box, mop & bucket, fire blanket, first aid kit, kitchen/porters kit box, wash up kit, broom, slop bucket around/under clearing table 
  • Lay drugget on the floor (if required) to set up the clearing area and protect the floor 
  • To stack empty crates/boxes correctly by type behind the clearing table 
  • During service to remove left over food and drink (alcohol or soft) waste into bins/slop buckets before placing dirty crockery/glassware/cutlery into correct crates/boxes they came in 
  • During service to place full crates of dirty crockery/glassware/cutlery into cages or put in appropriate place as directed by the event manager/Chief Porter, ready to either load onto the client’s vehicle, or to place ready for collect by a hire company 
  • Some equipment might belong to the client and will need unwrapping/taking out of containers for the event along with cleaning and re-placing back into the packaging/special containers they came in 
  • Assist the event manager in moving equipment and drink (soft or alcoholic) when asked 
  • Assist the chef in plating food if required (this could be canapes and/or part of a 3 course meal) 
  • Help the chefs throughout food service by working on the pass if requested 
  • Emptying bins around the kitchen 
  • Keeping the back of house area clean and safe, keeping fire exists clear  
  • Load the vans at the end of the night correctly so that in transit nothing breaks 
  • Waste is to be the last thing that is loaded on to the van 
  • To be wearing safety shoes and black trousers as standard. In addition to this, you will wear branded BOHC polo shirts and fleeces unless alternative uniform is provided by the client 


Driver Porter + 25 and 3 years driving experience 

  • As above but drive the van to site and back to the client’s headquarters at the end of the event 
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure the van is loaded correctly and safely at the end of the night 
  • To respect the vehicle and have signed for it before taking the keys 
  • To make sure you have liaised with and are aware of any particulars in regards to where you park the van on your return at the end of the event/night and if and how it needs to be plugged in  
  • Check goods are secure (food/cages) using straps etc. before departure from the Client’s headquarters along with at the end of the night when departing from the event.  
  • Make sure you have pallet wrap for cages before departing the client’s headquarters for the end of the night to secure cages/pallets 
  • When on site, it is your responsibility to make sure the van is parked correctly and any costs for parking are met. To liaise with the event manager regarding payment 
  • When returning to the Client’s headquarters at the end of the night, park the van in the correct place (as directed when taking the van earlier in the day) and plug in (if required) 
  • Make sure the van is left locked at the front and back before placing the van keys as directed to when having taken the van earlier in the day.  
  • To make sure the Check List as supplied by BOHC is completed before taking the keys and driving from the Client’s headquarters to the event 

Further information is available on request.